Linen Hire, Curtain Cleaning and Dry Cleaning

Linen Hire

Linen for the bedroom, bathroom, restaurant and kitchen is available on rental from Central Laundry. In addition more specialised stock specific to the Healthcare Sector is available for customers in the NHS, private hospitals or Care Homes.

Customer Own Linen

Central Laundry has many customers who own their linen and wish to have it collected, laundered AND RETURNED. This is one of our specialities as we have specific systems in our Production process and Staff who are trained to ensure that customer own linen is returned safely to the establishment from which it was collected.

Curtain Cleaning

During especially the summer months Central Laundry process thousands of curtains for customers in the Educational Sector. Curtains from Hospitality and Health Sector customers are received, processed and returned within a short period of time throughout the year.

Dry Cleaning

In addition to providing laundry and linen hire services, Central Laundry is able to offer customers a reliable dry cleaning service which is operated by Staff with many years of experience.