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Central Laundry excels at providing a reliable single or multi-drop laundry service for customers either with their own linen or on linen rental

Established in 1988, Central Laundry is an independent, family owned business founded on and developed through the principle of providing a service which is right first time, on time and every time. Careful management, controlled expansion and a total company focus on customer service have formed the sound business foundations from which the present company has evolved.

Originally named Burton Cleaning Centre, our customers were only offered a return to sender service. During the period from 1988 to 1998 the company developed its customer base to include large commercial establishments who required a better value, reliable service.

In 1998 a major contract was agreed with Birmingham City Council which led to the business moving to its present location in Nicolson Way. This change created considerable spare capacity which was filled by a growing number of customers many of whom had multi drop locations. They were genuinely delighted to find a laundry which represented good value and could be relied upon to deliver the correct orders week after week.

In September 2003 the company changed its name to Central Laundry which was considered more suitable as the customer base now stretched from Lincolnshire to Worcestershire. As the demand grew so it became clear that Linen rental would be required as there were clear opportunities, especially for the Health and Educational sectors as well as for local Councils. All had multi drop requirements which needed the specialised planning of Central Laundry. In 2004 we began to offer linen rental on a very selective basis.

A massive recent investment in new machinery has completely modernised Central Laundrys production unit and created considerable spare capacity for extra pieces to be processed. As well as providing security to current customers that we can continue to fulfil their growing requirements, this also enables us to accept new contracts which require our quality of service and product.